AWS Quick Tips: Internet Gateways, NAT Gateways, and NAT Instances


Networking in AWS is important to understand in order to keep sensitive servers and applications secured while still maintaining Internet connectivity. It can be quite different from traditional networks, and because there are similarly named pieces it can be difficult remember the differences and know how to properly use them. Three commonly confused […]

AWS Quick Tips: Internet Gateways, NAT Gateways, and NAT Instances2021-02-23T08:20:55-06:00

Amount DevOps Case Study

About Amount

Amount ( is a Chicago-based financial technology company that is accelerating the world’s transition to digital financial services. Built on the AWS cloud, Amount makes digital financial experiences that align with the way consumers live, empowering banks and financial institutions with a cloud-based lending solution for personal loans, […]

Amount DevOps Case Study2020-06-18T13:33:45-06:00

Rising Medical Solutions DevOps Case Study


A national medical-financial solutions company, Rising Medical Solutions provides medical cost containment and medical care management to the workers’ comp, auto, liability, and group health markets as well as publishes the annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study.

The Challenge

Rising Medical Solutions was approaching a fork in the road: stay with its Chicago on-premise data center […]

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RHEL on AWS: Red Hat Cloud Access vs AWS Red Hat On-demand



Our Vice President of Professional Services, Stephen Sadowski, takes a hard look at the cost factors surrounding bring your own license with Red Hat on AWS.

This article intends to address whether or not cost is the driving factor for making a decision about bringing Red Hat system entitlements (licenses) to the cloud and […]

RHEL on AWS: Red Hat Cloud Access vs AWS Red Hat On-demand2020-09-04T09:46:37-06:00

Building an AWS VPC with Terraform


In David’s previous article, he outlined some general requirements and best practices around designing your first AWS VPC. This article continues what was started in order to put the design into practice. 

When building a multi-account AWS environment, it is important to make sure all the […]

Building an AWS VPC with Terraform2020-05-29T15:05:31-06:00

How Should I Configure my First AWS VPC?


If you’re looking to get started with AWS, Uturn’s Director of Engineering David Matthews is a great person to give you that help. In this short series of articles, he will help you with understanding the requirements around building the foundation for your new cloud environment and then deploying your initial VPC with […]

How Should I Configure my First AWS VPC?2020-05-22T10:50:33-06:00

AWS Cost Reduction Tips for Lowering Cloud Spend


Are you tasked with reducing your AWS bill during the crisis? Here are some tips and not-so-obvious ways to lower your cloud spend now!

In the best of times, managing your cloud spend is important – in the current environment, with so much uncertainty and pressure to reduce cost across the organization, reducing cloud […]

AWS Cost Reduction Tips for Lowering Cloud Spend2020-04-13T09:15:39-06:00

Three Important DevOps Concepts in a Time of Crisis (and Beyond!)


One cannot escape the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected everyday life across the globe, especially with day-to-day work being impacted by stay-at-home orders, quarantines, and hopefully good sense about our mutual physical health.

What does that mean for businesses that continue running with employees working remotely? And what does that have […]

Three Important DevOps Concepts in a Time of Crisis (and Beyond!)2020-04-07T11:27:29-06:00