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AWS Architect-In-Residence

Expert guidance to continually evolve your AWS architecture

Whether you have just started to move your applications to the cloud, or are already adopting a cloud first approach, having regular access to AWS Professionally Certified Architects who have seen hundreds of workloads on AWS will help you reach your goals faster.

Our Approach

The Architect-in-Residence program enables you to expand your teams with top level AWS Architects on-site bringing their objective experience and new ideas to the table. The Architect will also be a conduit to your existing AWS support team ensuring that you get exposure to the latest services from AWS.

Services Include:

  • Regular office hours with AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Weekly huddle with Client’s Tech Teams and Leadership
  • Guidance on architecting with AWS best practices
  • Review AWS new product announcements
  • Facilitate engagement with AWS Product Teams
  • Proofs-of-Concept (PoC) for evaluating new AWS services
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About Us

Uturn Data Solutions is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner at the nexus of data strategy and cloud computing. We provide advisory and technology services that transform data assets into real business value.  From Proofs-of-Concept to cloud migrations, our team of certified AWS Architects are experts at designing and implementing to AWS Best Practices.

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