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AWS Well-Architected

Architecture best practices to optimize your environment

Uturn’s Well-Architected services are designed to help our clients “Live Well-Architected”. From initial engagement to on-going service delivery, Uturn works with our clients to adopt the concepts, design principles and culture of being Well Architected.

Utilizing the Well-Architected Framework to helps you create secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your applications and provides a repeatable and consistent approach to building and operating workloads on AWS.

Uturn incorporates Well Architected principles into each of our service areas including Data Analytics, DevOps Enablement, Cloud Security, Cost Optimization and Custom Development Services. Prior to delivery, our Solution Architects complete a rigorous internal “Peer Well-Architected Review” to ensure all designs adhere to AWS best practices.

AWS Well-Architected Review

The Review is a half-day analysis of an AWS workload against AWS best practices. Conducted by AWS Pro Certified Solutions Architects, who have been trained on the AWS Well-Architected Review and have worked/analyzed a multitude of different workloads. As part of the Review Uturn provides a detailed document with recommendations and priorities to improve your architecture across the Five Well Architected Pillars.

Benefits at every stage of your cloud journey

  • Early AWS users gain the confidence to move critical workloads to AWS
  • Established AWS users learn to operationalize well architected concepts
  • Advanced AWS users measure their environment against successful AWS implementations to continually improve

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5 Pillars

Well-Architected Services

The real benefits of being well-architected occur over time as our clients learn to use the framework when making changes to their environment or building new applications.  Well Architected design principles can be incorporated into your development, deployment and operations going forward.

Uturn provides a number of options for further engagement to help our client “Live Well-Architected”

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About Us

Uturn Data Solutions is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner at the nexus of data strategy and cloud computing. We provide advisory and technology services that transform data assets into real business value.  From Proofs-of-Concept to cloud migrations, our team of certified AWS Architects are experts at designing and implementing to AWS Best Practices.

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