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Microsoft on AWS

Build, Scale and Manage Microsoft Application on AWS

Migrating your Microsoft apps to AWS will save you time and money, enabling you to achieve levels of performance, availability, and security that are not possible with on-premises solutions.

Our Approach

Our team of AWS certified experts bring years of experience developing, migrating and automating Microsoft workloads on AWS.  We understand the technical and financial benefits of running and operating Microsoft applications in the cloud and will help you optimize your environment to ensure successful outcome.

Our Microsoft Architects can help you identify, rearchitect, and refactor targeted components of your application to enhance your cloud migration  As an approved AWS Well-Architected Partner, we provide guidance on how to optimize your Microsoft workloads to be cost effective, reliable, highly-secure, performant and operationally efficient running on AWS.

Services Include:

  • Migrate .Net applications to AWS
  • Active Directory integration with AWS
  • Optimize Microsoft workloads for cloud operability
  • Improve the security posture of you Microsoft applications
  • Automate deployment of your Microsoft applications
  • Reduce costs associated with your Microsoft applications
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Windows Rapid Migration Program

The Windows Rapid Migration Program helps accelerate the on-boarding of your Microsoft Workloads to AWS with new cloud environment, which increases agility, availability, elasticity and security of system. Qualifying environments can earn up to 20% of you annual AWS spend to offset the costs associated with migrations and initial AWS usage.

SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 Promotion

More than 50% of on-premises Microsoft workloads are running on 2008 versions. Microsoft will be ending the support for SQL Server 2008 (July 9th, 2019) and Windows Server 2008 (January 14th, 2020). This means that Microsoft will no longer be producing security updates and you will no longer be able to patch your workloads on these operating systems.

This is a unique opportunity to Modernize your Microsoft applications while harnessing all the benefits of Amazon Web Services. Qualifying environments can earn up to 40% of you annual AWS spend to offset the costs associated with migrations and initial AWS usage.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft Server 2008

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Uturn Data Solutions is an Advanced Tier Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner at the nexus of data strategy and cloud computing. We provide advisory and technology services that transform data assets into real business value.  From Proofs-of-Concept to cloud migrations, our team of certified AWS Architects are experts at designing and implementing to AWS Best Practices.

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