Bring the power of AWS to your business

Amazon Web Services is the industry leader in cloud technology for a reason: they torrentially innovate. Uturn Data Solutions will help you tap into the AWS Cloud to supercharge your business.

Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner, Uturn’s staff of certified architects and developers work with these technologies every day. We bring knowledge and experience from years of implementing AWS across many industries. We know how to make these services work for you.

Whether just starting to evaluate cloud technology, or already on the path to implementing a cloud-first approach, Uturn is your partner with AWS Cloud.

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AWS Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption is a general term describing every organization’s unique journey to the cloud. Whether you are considering an all-in strategy, or an ongoing hybrid model, Uturn has the experience and frameworks to help you reach your cloud goals.

Cloud Adoption Workshop

  • Understand business drivers
  • Define goals and objectives
  • Identify security and governance requirements
  • Cloud cost analysis
  • Build plan and review next steps

Assessment & Planning

  • Application rationalization and infrastructure review
  • Identify and remediate security controls
  • Identify applications for initial migration
  • Develop preliminary architecture design
  • Create success criteria

Prototyping & Proofs of Concept

  • Build framework for minimum viable cloud solution
  • Rapid AWS setup
  • Create reference architecture
  • Validate economic model
  • Test against success criteria

Migration & Deployment

  • Create internal migration team
  • Implement security and governance framework
  • Deploy infrastructure and processes
  • Application and data migration and cutover
  • Review implementation design document and knowledge transfer

Continuous Improvement

  • Configuration automation and DevOps enablement
  • Disaster recovery and contingency planning
  • Managed service readiness
  • Ensure audit readiness for compliance
  • Cloud governance and cost management

AWS Well-Architected Review

A Well-Architected Review evaluates your AWS environment and provides you with prescriptive advice on how to build and operate cloud optimized workloads according to AWS best practices. As an approved AWS Well-Architected Program partner, Uturn is authorized to perform Well Architected Reviews and offer AWS Usage Credits to offset the cost of 3 days of remediation services.

Why Well-Architected?


  • Use automation to make experimentation easier by building cloud-native architectures


  • Understand your security risks and address them before your applications are put into production


  • Learn how architectural decisions impact your applications and business outcomes


  • Guidance based on reviewing thousands of customers’ architectures on AWS

Amazon Redshift Pilot

Amazon Redshift is the cornerstone of data warehousing in AWS:

  • Fully managed
  • Petabyte-scale
  • Columnar Storage
  • Massively-Parallel Processing
  • Less than 1/10th of the cost of legacy solutions

Is your organization constrained by the rigidness, cost and complexity of your existing relational data warehouse?  Are your queries taking too long?  Are you tired of waiting weeks or longer to make changes to your data warehouse environment?  Amazon Redshift solves these challenges and lets you to deliver agile business intelligence solutions to your users.

As the FIRST Amazon Redshift Service Delivery partner in the US Midwest, Uturn has the advanced capabilities and experience to help you quickly and cost effectively evaluate moving your data warehouse to the Cloud.  Ask Uturn about our Amazon Redshift Pilot program.

Launch your data warehouse in the AWS Cloud.

Our Amazon Redshift Pilot engagement accelerates Redshift adoption.

  • Configuration of a Redshift warehouse in your AWS environment
  • Ingest, process and transform selected data sources into Redshift with the Uturn Data Engine
  • Query performance and tuning of Redshift data warehouse
  • Integration with existing or new business intelligence and visualization tools
  • Cost analysis for full migration to Amazon Redshift
  • Roadmap and playbook to bring Pilot to a production state

Modernize your data warehouse in the AWS Cloud.  Starting at $30,000

Amazon Redshift

Serverless Computing

Amazon Lambda Service Delivery Partner

AWS Lambda allows you to run code without having to worry about infrastructure.  Pay for only the compute resources you consume.

  • No more servers to manage
  • Scales with the size of your workload
  • No administration required
  • Seamless integration with other AWS services
  • Built-in fault tolerance

Tired of patching and updating servers that rarely gets used, serve one function and are costly to maintain? Is your application architecture dependent on polling, becoming more and more difficult to scale and maintain?

With AWS Lambda, you don’t need to think about thread management. Leveraging an event-driven push architecture allows you to reimagine your application architecture.  Uturn earned the AWS Lambda Service Delivery distinction by demonstrating our expertise in real customer environments.

Amazon Lambda

Event-Driven Data Processing

The Uturn Data Engine is a flexible, scalable data processing platform that quickly connects you to the value contained within your data. Using event-driven, server-less design patterns, the Uturn Data Engine is the best way to connect your business to the most powerful data capabilities in the AWS Cloud.


  • Entirely cloud based
  • Multiple AWS deployment options
  • Petabyte scale
  • Auditable via API based services
  • Server-less


  • Highly secure
  • Elastic
  • Lightweight configuration
  • Extensible to multiple data types/outputs
  • Fully auditable
  • Meets compliance and regulatory requirements
Born in AWS Cloud, the Uturn Data Engine is engineered to adapt to your ever-changing business needs, now and into the future.
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Data Strategy

Data Value only exists when data leads to more revenue, fewer costs, or better risk management. Data Leadership is how you maximize data value, and Uturn will help you get there.

Data Leadership Framework (DLF)

Creating Data Value is our mission. The DLF is the result of decades of experience balancing the many disciplines of data management to create the most business impact. While technology advancements continue driving incredible possibilities, the folks inside our organizations are struggling to maximize what they already have today. The Uturn Data Leadership Framework helps organizations achieve the most data value possible.

The DLF breaks down highly-complex data topics into 5 simple categories:

Activities in each of these categories create potential data value, and the balanced combination of all five categories leads to realized data value. Each category is comprised of several complementary data management disciplines where activities take place.

One of the greatest challenges of trying to create data value without the Data Leadership Framework is that data challenges like “people don’t trust our data” are vague, and can be difficult to break down into actionable pieces. The DLF gives you a path to actions that can solve any of your data needs.

Data Value Assessment

  •  2-3 days on site
  • Detailed Observations
  • Quantified Scoring
  • Data-Driven Recommendations
  • Resourcing Gap Analysis
  • Get-Working Playbook
  • Executive Summary and Presentation

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