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Uturn Data Engine

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ETL Transformed

uturn-data-engine-logoOff the shelf software is no longer sufficient. Out of the box thinking is needed.

The Uturn Data Engine is a flexible, scalable data processing platform that quickly connects you to the value contained within your data. Born in AWS Cloud, the Uturn Data Engine is engineered to adapt to your ever-changing business needs, now and into the future.



Because of its modular design, the Uturn Data Engine can be easily shaped to fit your changing business and application requirements. Incredibly adaptable without sacrificing capabilities. Extensible to multiple types of data sources and outputs.


Automatically scale up and down to address data processing needs. Precisely match your resources to the demands of your business.


Pay only for what you use. Implement quickly and easily without costly on premises hardware and software. Reduce the time and effort of data processing, management, and administration.


The Uturn Data Engine conforms to and enhances your established security policies. Encrypt data at rest and in transit. Fully auditable with logging throughout.

Data Enrichment

Embed data lineage, governance, and management in your processing. Enhance your data with additional sources of information. Maximize the potential of your data.

Simply Powerful

The Uturn Data Engine was built to address data processing complexity, not mask it. Leverage existing skill sets and get more done. Spend more time on realizing the value of your data and less on wrangling it. Accelerate the impact of data on your business.



The Uturn Data Engine is built on AWS cloud. Without the limitations of on-premises infrastructure, you can infinitely scale as well as benefit from the incredible pace of AWS innovation. And with AWS managed services, spend less time on management and more time on results.


Unlike traditional ETL, the Uturn Data Engine employs building blocks emphasizing adaptability and reuse of data processing components. This design enables faster speed-to-deployment and seamless integration of enhanced capabilities to respond to evolving business needs. The loosely-coupled architecture supports several deployment and execution options (e.g., Lambda, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Data Pipeline) providing a solution that fits you perfectly.

Petabyte scale

Taking advantage of cloud scalability, no longer are the walls of your data center the extent to which you can grow. With its modular design, the Uturn Data Engine can independently scale the inputs, repositories, processing, and outputs based on need.

Audit and Compliance

Configurable to fit your compliance and regulatory requirements. Because the Uturn Data Engine is built on Amazon, you can enable AWS CloudTrail to audit all API calls.


The Uturn Data Engine is event-driven, triggering processes from defined conditions. And since these processes scale in response, the Uturn Data Engine calibrates to exactly the right size with no servers to provision, manage, or maintain.

Uturn Expertise

Combine the capabilities of the Data Engine with Uturn’s decades of data management experience to truly harness the power of your data. Ensure lasting success by engaging with Uturn’s data and cloud experts.