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Uturn Data Solutions Cloud and Chart

Uturn Consulting brings advanced strategy, tools, and techniques to help organizations improve. We focus our energies on delivering data management and cloud strategies from ideas to business impact. Our team has decades of experience across many industries and technical disciplines.

We’ll work with you to understand the people, process, and technology gaps that need to be filled in order to transform your organization and get the best return from your data and technology investments. Our experts will advise you on the best approach, taking into account your organization’s technical and business objectives. From simple prototypes to implementing server-less production workloads in the cloud, Uturn provides the knowledge and roadmap to get you there faster.

Data Strategy and Solutions

Every organization needs to use data to get better at what it does. Whether for-profit, public sector, education, or non-profit, every organization is facing competitive pressure. If your competition is faster at understanding data, they will be faster to innovate, faster to market and more likely to win. Our approach can help you stay a step ahead.


Uturn partners with our clients to navigate the challenges of data growth while helping you build the data management skills you need to improve your business. We will work with you understand where your key competitive advantages are, and how to focus your energies on those while getting everything else done as efficiently as you can. We help you build a quantitatively-driven business culture that will help you consistently outperform your competition.

Key Outcomes:

  • Big data solutions aligned to business objectives
  • Advanced analytics platforms to measure and improve your business
  • Data governance and regulatory compliance
  • Chief Data Officer advisory and interim backfill
  • Data and technology diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Data enrichment and quality improvement
  • Business process refinement and DevOps
  • Training and coaching for data and technology-related teams
  • Building a more quantitative business culture
  • Organizational and go-to-market strategies

Cloud Adoption

Whether you are just starting to evaluate cloud technology or well on the path to implementing a cloud-first approach, Uturn will help you develop a cloud integrated strategy that aligns with your business objectives. By combining application-rationalization and infrastructure-assessment techniques, Uturn will help you evaluate your organization’s cloud readiness and build a roadmap to get you there. The result is an on-demand service deliver model, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

We’ll ensure that your application architectures reflect cloud best practices, and work with your company from design to production so that your move to the cloud is seamless. Uturn consulting services are designed to accelerate the delivery of the cloud benefits to your organization. Our phased migration approach ensures that your cloud implementation is successful, and that your team has the tools, know-how, and experience for a successful handoff.

Key Outcomes:

  • Clarity on which applications are appropriate for migration to, or an initial build, in the cloud
  • An understand the unique cloud requirements for your applications
  • Prioritization of applications and infrastructure for cloud-readiness
  • Transformation of your application portfolio and legacy-infrastructure footprint into an agile services portfolio
  • Assurance that your data remains secure, accessible and in compliance with your industry’s standards and best practices
  • Uncover cost-savings opportunities