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Cloud News

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006 and remains the clear market leader in public cloud computing. AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses with data centers located around the world.

As an authorized AWS Consulting Partner, Uturn maintains a staff of certified architects and developers that work with these technologies every day. We bring the knowledge and years of experience from implementing AWS technologies across myriad of industries to each client engagement. We understand how to assemble these services to work for you, also the pitfalls to avoid.

Uturn Cloud Portal for AWS:

Our secure web-based cloud Portal enables clients to streamline the billing and management of their Amazon Web Services accounts. Uturn can provide you with an enterprise view of your AWS usage to help you manage overall spending by tracking usage across the entire organization.

Optimize your overall AWS spend by:

  • Linking and management of your AWS accounts enterprise wide
  • Simple invoicing rather than managing multiple credit card bills
  • Automated individual and aggregate account usage reporting enables departmental chargeback and internal billing
  • Reducing your AWS costs by getting recommendations on AWS Reserved Instance optimization
  • Getting better insight into historical usage for planning and budgeting

  Click on the images to see the difference between Uturn Billing (Left) and AWS Billing (Right):

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Open Grid for Smart Cities

Uturn’s OpenGrid for Smart Cities AMI on the AWS Marketplace makes it easy for any organization to adopt OpenGrid and quickly deploy it on the Amazon Web Services cloud. As a major contributor to the OpenGrid project, Uturn regularly updates its distribution of OpenGrid with the latest features from the open source community.

By following a few simple setup instructions OpenGrid AMI subscribers can:

  • Launch pre-configured version of OpenGrid in minutes
  • Receive free updates to OpenGrid Software
  • Email Uturn Data Solutions for OpenGrid support
  • Access to new version releases
  • Request assistance loading public datasets into OpenGrid